Same day USB printing and data loading service!

USB drives (also known as Thumb Drives or Flash Drives) are a versatile promotional item that cover both the corporate and consumer market with application to a variety of uses and packages.
As an end user of the USB media we supply, you are guaranteed that our USBs are A grade quality. We provide a comprehensive range of promotional USB’s, custom designed USB’s, USB printing, copying and data loading services. We also design and supply a wide range of proprietary and generic USB packaging to protect and improve the visual appeal of your USB along with a range of key rings, lanyards, and wrist bands.

We offer pad printing, laser etching and our custom designed promotional USBs can be moulded into virtually any shape and colour that perfectly reflect your brand. Use your imagination and our talented design team can turn it into reality!

Supplying custom designed USB drives is only part of the story. TPF can also help you create your USB multimedia project, authoring, encoding and designing the master and its functionality.

As a one stop shop, TPF can handle all aspects of your USB project. Deliver your master physically or electronically to us for our same day USB duplication, printing, and packaging services at competitive prices. We can print and data load thousands of USBs each day using our 6 colour digital UV print technology which provides exceptional print durability, extremely fast production turnarounds and good economy for small or large USB volumes.

Benefits of USB’s:

  • Storage capacities ranging from 128MB to 128GB, USBs are an effective media for large data transfer.
  • USBs are an excellent promotional product for your business and provide a high retained value for your customers because their promotional spend has an extended life with continued use of the USB.
  • Business Branding - print your company logo and details on the USB.
  • Duplicate your promotional digital literature onto the USB with the option for locking data to the drive.


Preloading Data

Whether it is to supply important data to your clients or just to reinforce your company message, preloading data onto your custom USB is an excellent option. We can preload presentations, product catalogues or any other promotional material you desire. For further company promotion, link your preloaded data to your website and other online information and messages.

File Lock/Dual Zone

To protect your data from being deleted by the end user, a Dual Zone USB is required. This type of USB functions in a similar way to a read-only CD-ROM. When you insert the USB into your USB port, 2 drive icons will appear: one is the read-only zone and the other is a standard accessible removable drive (user area). The hard-coded irremovable data is contained within the locked section and the USB still gives the user the ability to store personal data in the open accessible section.

Volume Label

The 'volume label' is the name assigned to the USB when the disk is first formatted or created. At TPF we are able to customize this name on your request up to a maximum of eleven characters. When plugged into the USB port, this customized name will appear on the computer for the USB. A small but significant personalized touch.

AutoRun Function

When using a customized USB as a marketing tool another option is to add a function called 'AutoRun'. This feature allows your preloaded data to launch automatically when the user plugs the custom USB into a computer. To enable this function the USB must be formatted as 'Local Disk' rather than the usual 'Removal Storage' format.

Instant Price Calculator

  • Same day print & copy service
  • Custom moulded shapes & designs
  • Huge range of models available
  • Unique USB packaging

Q. Can I print my logo on a USB?

Yes, as long as it fits and is still legible we can print anything on your USB

Q. Will my promotional USB's work on any computer?

Yes, if you have any specific formatting requirements just let us know

Q. What is the turnaround time?

Our Plastic Swivel USB's can be turned around within 24 hours. Any custom USB's take 10 business days from artwork approval.

Q. Can I match my USB to a PMS colour?

Yes, any part of the USB - shell, swivel and logo - can be matched to a PMS colour.

Custom USB Printing & Packaging
  • Please add 3mm bleed around each side
  • Please supply art as Print Ready PDF’s
  • Convert text to outlines
  • Embed images
  • Raster images at 300dpi
  • Supply art at correct print size