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Wall Sticker Printing

Custom wall sticker and decal printing is a cost effective and great way to display your messages to gain attention. We can create custom wall graphics in any shape or size. They are quick to make, easy to install and with proper care, long lasting. Transform and brand your blank walls with vibrant, eye-catching custom wall graphics. Decals can be printed on clear, optically clear, frosted, block out and one-way vision films. Letters can be printed and profile cut out and installed as individual letters and elements.

Instant Price Calculator

  • Printed in full colour on a range of substrates including clear, optically clear, block out, one way vision with top cut elements.
  • Choice of overlaminates for long term graphic protection.
  • Anti Graffiti overlaminates.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use as they are waterproof and UV resistant.
  • Choice of vinyls available from short term monomeric to long term cast vinyls.

Q. How long will my decals take to manufacture?

Depending on the volume we can produce decals in a few days.

Q. Can decals be cut to any shape?

We can cut decals to any custom shape or size.

Q. How large can decals be in one piece?

We can produce decals 1500mm wide by any length in one piece.

Q. How do I calculate the price of decals cut to a shape?

Enter the height and width as the maximum of each of those dimensions.

Q. When should I use a premium vinyl?

Use premium vinyls for long term and environmentally demanding applications such as outdoor decals subject to high levels of UV light and weather.

Q. When should I use cast vinyls?

Cast vinyls are the most duarable vinyls carrying the longest manufacturing warranties. Used for applications such as car wraps and boat decals.

Q. What does an overlaminate do?

Overlaminates are clear vinyls applied over the graphic decal. They protect the digital print from abrasions, chemicals and provide UV protection. Anti graffiti laminates allow decals to be cleaned with chemicals to remove graffiti.

What is cut to shape versus kiss cut?

Cut to shape cuts the decal including the backing layer to the desired shape. Kiss cut only cuts the vinyl and leaves the backing layer in tact.

Can you help install my signs?

We offer supply and supply and install. If you want to give it a go yourself, we are more than happy to provide guidance. If you are not comfortable installing yourself ask us to do it for you.

I have more than 1 artwork, are there additional artwork set-up fees?

Our print prices include a pre-press fee for 1 artwork. If you have multiple designs there will be additional set-up fees. For accurate pricing use the pricing calculator or contact us.

  • Please add 5mm bleed around each side
  • Please supply art as Print Ready PDF’s
  • Convert text to outlines
  • Embed images
  • Raster images at 300dpi
  • Supply art at correct print size