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Custom printed magnets are a great way of promoting your brand, products and services. Magnets can be produced for internal applications as well as for cars and other external applications. They are a perfect temporary or removable advertising option.

Vehicle magnets are durable and a great choice for short-term or removable advertising on business or private vehicles and will not damage your car or paint. Outfit your vehicle with personalized car magnetic signs for quick and effective marketing on the go.

When designing your sign, consider the placement of the magnet on your vehicle and where it will gain maximum advertising impact for passing pedestrians and travellers. In your design include your business name and logo. If needed, we have graphic design services to help you.

Magnetic car signs are fade-resistant, wind-tested and durable. To protect the print and increase the durability or reduce reflection, magnetic car signs can be laminated. The magnetism of the magnet will outlast the useful life of the magnet. Magnetic signs are easy to apply, remove and re-apply. They can be produced up to 600mm wide and by any length. To ensure magnets remain attached to your vehicle we recommend the thicker 0.9mm printable car magnetic material be used. They are designed to be attached to metal panels that only have a bend or curve in one plane, not compound bends. Magnetic printed signage is available on 0.6mm and 0.9mm thick magnetic material, however the 0.9mm thick magnet is recommended for car applications.

For vehicle application clean the surface with mild soap and water first and dry with a soft cloth. Place the magnet onto your vehicle’s door or side panel. Clean and dry under the magnet at least once a week. Remove the magnets temporarily before washing your car.

A high resolution UV printed magnetic car sign will stand out and market your business wherever the road takes you.

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  • Printed in high resolution full colour.
  • Available in 0.6mm and 0.9mm thick magnet. 0.9 mm magnet recommended for car applications.
  • Does not damage your paint or car.
  • Flexible material that can be applied to convex shapes.
  • Perfect temporary or removable advertising option.

Q. Can you help me with my graphics?

We offer a full graphic design service. Consult our experts for professional advice.

Q. How long will my magnets take to manufacture?

Depending on the volume we can produce magnets in a few days.

Q. I have more than 1 artwork, are there additional artwork set-up fees?

Our print prices include a pre-press fee for 1 artwork. If you have multiple designs there will be additional set-up fees. For accurate pricing use the pricing calculator or contact us.

Q. Do magnets lose their magnetism?

No, the magnetism of the magnet will outlast the useful life of the magnet.

Q. What is the maximum size magnets can be made?

Flexible Magnets can be produced 600mm wide by any length.

Q. What is the largest size you recommend car magnets?

To ensure magnets remain attached to your vehicle we recommend the maximum car magnet at 600mm x 900mm, they need to be installed on a panel that only has a bend or curve in one plane. Not on compound bends.

  • Please add 5mm bleed around each side
  • Please supply art as Print Ready PDF’s
  • Convert text to outlines
  • Embed images
  • Raster images at 300dpi
  • Supply art at correct print size